What is Omni-channel marketing, sales or support? 

Technology is a part of everyday life and we constantly look for ways in which technology can make things quicker, easier or better. As we bring more technology into our lives the ways in which sales, marketing and customer support teams engage with us will change. Businesses need to be able to adapt to the technology in order to serve and support potential customers to the best of their ability. 

Providing an omni-channel experience is one way in which businesses reach their customers wherever they may be. Creating an omni-channel experience is key for businesses in these times, the key difference between multi and omni-channel is an integrated experience for the customer and ensuring it’s seamless. You can have an exceptional marketing, sales or support experience on one or more channels with a company but if they are not integrated and working together it’s not an omni-channel experience. This omni-channel experience is what most businesses will need to achieve. Technology has given consumers the ability to have multiple online profiles and with these profiles the ability to reach out to businesses if they support that channel. But the key here is that your customers are not thinking in channels, if they are on Facebook Messenger then that’s what they are on now, if they are on twitter and want to engage, they are searching on Twitter. We all need to stop thinking of channels and start delivering our messages, sales and support to our customers. 

By aligning this thinking and creating marketing, sales and/or support on an omni-channel scale you are leveraging technology to connect with your potential customer, opportunities and customers. You’ll need to build the right omni-channel experience for your business, when you do this you can dramatically increase engagement, customer experience and customer satisfaction. When your future customers are scrolling through Facebook, LinkedIn making it seamless for them to contact you instantly, find out more or transact will be table stakes for customer expectations.  

Real omni-channel marketing is about delivering the above with continuity across different platforms. It means making it simple for your customer, as mentioned above your customers aren’t thinking about which channel they are on at any one time and they will switch from one to the other within an interaction and when you as a business have the ability to continue communicating seamlessly that’s omni-channel marketing at its best and keeps your customers engaged, delivers an excellent customer experience and keeps them as a customer in the future.