What is SMS Marketing? 

SMS marketing is an alternative marketing channel, it allows businesses to be able to communicate with customers via text messages. This form of communication in sent as marketing texts which may provide sales, promotional offers, bespoke services, new products and much more.  

Text messages can do so much more, they help drive engagement and spark a conversation or peak interest. 

There are so many marketing channels, why would SMS be important? This is a great question, but SMS marketing gives businesses the opportunity to drive engagement with their prospects and customers wherever they may be. Most contacts will carry their mobile phone with them and as such being able to direct communications instantly into the pocket of your contacts can be extremely powerful. 

Powerful Platform 

Mobile has become one of the most powerful platforms to market across with access to millions off applications in your pocket trying to get screen share is a challenge. Yet SMS has been a constant and still features as a key element in most mobile phone packages. Spend across SMS marketing has seen an increase with Coca Cola making huge moves in the space. Consumers are also preferring to respond to businesses via SMS. Previous research has found that an SMS is read within 3 minutes of receipt making this a very powerful channel to use. 

5 Tips to use the power of SMS marketing 

  1. Know your customer: Make sure SMS marketing is based on customer behaviour and plays a part in your overall social marketing program. Base the interaction on behaviour, spend and intent. 
  1. Be clear: SMS marketing is limited to characters and requires your message to be clear, concise and drive action. 
  1. Call to action: Once you have sent your SMS, customers need to be clear on what they should be doing next. Use CTA’s to make this simple. 
  1. Timing is everything: Sending the SMS at the right time will play a huge factor in the success of the campaign. It’s been found that SMS promotions, sales or launches are more often acted upon impulse so sending and SMS notifying people that your promo has just started is more likely to prompt a response. 
  1. Use an Omnichannel approach: Don’t rely just on SMS, communicate and interact with your prospects across your other channels and supplement this activity. Being in front of your customer across their other identities increases conversion and interaction. 

So there you have it, start your SMS journey now and connect with customers in the moments that make the biggest difference.