Automate your growth 

Achieve 38% more from your campaigns.  

In this post, we learn how we use simple machine learning and a few small automations to increase your company’s growth.  

Our bot takes a zoomed-out look at the trends and patterns of your campaigns. We learn what channels perform best and how to get the most significant return on your marketing or sales outreach.  

We’re in challenging times for sales and marketing. 

By identifying trends in user behaviour, preferred channels, most responsive times, we can increase the efficiency of outreach by 38%.  

Sales and Marketing teams are facing new challenges, it’s said on average we are advertised to 3000 times per day. Standing out in a saturated market has become harder and harder, with many prospects merely ignoring you and you and your content. Reaching your prospects in new and engaging ways can help cut through the noise.  

How can machine help? 

Machine learning isn’t new; in fact, Arthur Samuel first came up with the phrase “Machine Learning” in 1952. We can use machine learning to take the leg work out of arithmetic, it can spot patterns in data and provide us with simple, actionable insights to improve.   

We see the value in data and the importance in micro and macro information.  

How can Aquiral support Growth?  

We set out to automate as many steps of a campaign as possible; traditional outreach uses a step by step process: 

Step 1 – Cart Amendment email 

Step 2 – Send follow up email  

Step 3 – Call prospect  

Step 4 – Thank prospect for the call.  

and so on…  

But what if Step 2 fails? What if the prospects, like many others, does not read prospecting emails? What if they do, but the timing was wrong, Tuesday at 11 a.m right? (Yeah you and every other email campaign). 

We’ve taken the guessing out, plus the more you send the more the machine learns, and the better your campaigns perform.  

We identify the user behaviours, for example, we notice that James likes WhatsApp the best, and he’s very responsive. If we send him a link to a deal, we’ll see the best results in the afternoons after 6, in fact, any email we sent to James, in the beginning was ignored. Whereas Sarah loves email, but only for long updates, she likes to read to about the business, but when action is required, a quick SMS is the best option.  

Sounds too complicated?  

Not really, to reference the first line this is using automation for growth.  

Your job is to decide what messages you want to send, we even provide templates to get you going! Once you have written your messages and upload a list of prospects, we’ll do the rest.  

If its a new list of prospects we’ll send a round-robin of messages across different channels to identify a trend of each prospect. Don’t worry, we can scale this up to any size list. Once a pattern is established, we will continue to learn to understand any changes.  

If its a list of prospects already in your system we’ll already have the data so you hit the ground running.  

How can you achieve 38%?  

To conclude, we are automating the process to achieve a higher open rate and click through. Prospects take a higher percentage of action once their preferred channels are identified. To do this manually would take weeks of data, excel spreadsheets, and lots of resources to understand the trend.  

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