The basics of Facebook messenger 

Facebook messenger has come to be one of the most important engagement channels/medium across the business language for interacting with prospects/customers. As a one stop shop messenger allows you to advertise, engage via stories, generate leads, conduct surveys, keep clients up to date, build you brand, build trust in your brand and even protect your business and brand offering full customer support. Did you know in August Facebook Messenger will be 9, since it first launched Facebook have added many additional business features. 

A truly game changing  tool giving you access to over 2.6B monthly active users and just over 1.7B daily active users. Imagine what a seamless, friction less survey, marketing and sales platform with this size of audience could deliver for your business and its growth. Stats forecast FB users spending at least 38mins per day on the FB platform -a huge amount of time to get instant engagement on the messenger channel with your audience. In the post COVID area, digitisation of the world has accelerated, boosting people’s expectations of racing message in these new digital channels. 

With such an audience and a versatile platform. It is critical to follow some steps methodically to get the best out of your use of facebook messenger. Follow some of these steps to help you get the plan: 

  1. Setup FB messenger for your business by enabling messaging, creating a messenger username and link for your business and adding the Send message button to your webpage. A more detailed step-by-step guide can be found on facebook for business  for your reference. 
  1. Have instant greetings setup on your account, this kick starts the conversation and ensures your customers or prospects are welcomed on their first interaction. 
  1. Leverage instant replies, these instant-replies are a key part of the new-and-improved Messenger that businesses love and should be taking advantage of. Automating your most common responses will save you and your potential prospects or customers a lot of time and effort by providing them with automatic responses to specific questions. You can automatically send users a response letting them know that you’re currently away but will respond as soon as you’re back, or provide instant contact information options for anyone who needs them. 
  1. Chatbots might not be right for all businesses but they can play an important part of your business messenger strategy.  
  1. Use a professional tool to consolidate all your business messaging tools, to ensure you deliver the best service to all your prospects or customers. Maximise your communication to your customers and prospects across social channels and follow them up with surveys to ensure your customers stay happy.