Making surveys work for the success of your business 

Surveys are a great way to know how your business is really performing at each step of your customer lifecycle. Be it customer feedback or employee feedback, a well designed survey helps your business mature and delivers on 2 keys goals – it outlines that you care and ofcourse outlines feedback for improvement. 

But what if you are not getting valuable or enough feedback. Lack of engagement can be due to many factors, lets try to break some of them down here: 

  1. Design and Time 

A well designed survey should have a defined goal outlined for the respondents.  

  • The survey should questions should address the goal outlined at the start.  
  • Design your questions to be measurable tangible & concise.  
  • Always conclude with a call to action to continue facilitating engagement with your respondent 
  • Time your survey to be sent to your respondent at the right moment or right time of the day 
  • Ensure your survey is neither too long or shot. For highest response taste a good average is 3-4mins for the overall survey duration 

You can find some sample surveys here by industry at to help you maximise every moment with your customer and employees. 

  1. Channel of engagement 

Historically, emails have been the most common channel used for surveys and typically result in around 30%  response rate. However engaging with your respondents over other channels like SMS can result in increasing the responses to over 50% on average. The world has evolved further now, customers, employees and organisations have gone more digital in this always connected social world and sending surveys over channels like Whatsapp, Facebook, LinkedIn etc can help bump your response rate up over 70%. Social media tools and SMS also aid in reducing the response time drastically, compared to non-real time tool channel like email. This is where Acquiral helps. Our goal is to empower you to design multi-channel surveys to boast your engagement and output. 

  1. Sample 

Selecting the right sample, randomised and large enough to deliver meaningful results is the main area of focus and has the biggest impact on the result of the survey. You can find great sampling techniques here 

  1. Reporting & Analysis 

It is critical that responses from surveys are captured, present and interpreted to allow for tangible actions to be inferred from them. Acquiral offers for real-time reporting of your survey responses, with comparisons to draw conclusions across questions, same surveys at different times or different sample, different surveys, splits by channel – Such data allows you to make decisions fast and adapt to an ever changing world around you instantly. We don’t limit you to our analysis either. You can choose to have your raw survey data, automatically exported and made available to you over email periodically. 

Share your survey engagement rates with your current action experience survey here and get a month free on us to send multi-channel surveys to your customers, employees, members.