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Whatsapp Marketing:

Make your business personal, connect with your customers and prospects on Whatsapp. The great thing about Whatsapp for business is that like Acquiral is can be used across Sales, Marketing and Support. Let’s… Continue Reading →

What is Omni-channel marketing, sales or support? 

What is Omni-channel marketing, sales or support?  Technology is a part of everyday life and we constantly look for ways in which technology can make things quicker, easier or better. As we… Continue Reading →

What is SMS Marketing? 

What is SMS Marketing?  SMS marketing is an alternative marketing channel, it allows businesses to be able to communicate with customers via text messages. This form of communication in sent as marketing… Continue Reading →

Omni-Channel Engagement

Omni-channel engagement: Where do you start?  Omni-channel, Millennials, Gen-Z are buzzwords that you have heard before and hear almost every day in multiple contexts. But in this maze of fast evolving… Continue Reading →

Making Surveys Work

Making surveys work for the success of your business  Surveys are a great way to know how your business is really performing at each step of your customer lifecycle. Be it customer… Continue Reading →

CX – Key to Small Business Survival

Customer Experience: Key to small business survival!  For a few years now, some of the major global economies have been battling with ways of how to grow the small business but… Continue Reading →

Basics of Facebook Messenger

The basics of Facebook messenger  Facebook messenger has come to be one of the most important engagement channels/medium across the business language for interacting with prospects/customers. As a one stop shop messenger allows you to advertise, engage… Continue Reading →

Automate Growth

Automate your growth  Achieve 38% more from your campaigns.   In this post, we learn how we use simple machine learning and a few small automations to increase your company’s growth.   Our bot takes a… Continue Reading →

User Tagging

5 ways to use user tagging in Acquiral  Before we get into our tips for tagging, I’ll cover off what tagging is for anyone who hasn’t been using it or… Continue Reading →

Introducing Acquiral:

Marketing haven’t provided the best leads, sales didn’t follow it up in time, support hasn’t gathered customer feedback. Does some of this sound familiar?   Having experienced first-hand how sales, marketing and support functions try to… Continue Reading →

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