Marketing haven’t provided the best leads, sales didn’t follow it up in time, support hasn’t gathered customer feedback. Does some of this sound familiar?  

Having experienced first-hand how sales, marketing and support functions try to work through the customer lifecycle but struggle and end up losing leads, provide a poor customer experience or drive churn we came together and wondered, why? Why don’t teams interact with each other? Why hasn’t this issue been solved? Surely there is a product out there which can fix this?  

We found teams use their own specific tools and processes as the customer moves from being a lead to marketing, a prospect to sales and a customer to the support team with little interaction between the teams as the customer transitions. We sought to find a tool which would streamline the customer lifecycle. We searched the market and there’s a gap. There isn’t anything which we felt could help us solve these problems.  

We’ve come together and decided to do something about it. We spent days, weeks and months speaking to sales, support and marketing professionals to understand their perspectives and needs and identifying where the gaps are. Now we are building a marketing, sales and support tool to help businesses master their customer relationship throughout the lifecycle; Acquiral.  

Acquiral will drive engagement with leads across social channels and leverage AI to optimise marketing campaigns and drive optimum results. Marketing will be able to build omni-channel campaigns, tag responses and optimise the campaign at any point. Marketing simplified. 

Sales teams will pick up the prospect using the same tool and channels used by the marketing team before them to progress that prospect through the sales funnel. The tool will provide a seamless experience for sales professionals and prospects. Each salesperson will have access to the previous interactions, pick up conversation threads and turn a sales engagement into a social one. Sales enhanced. 

Once a prospect becomes a customer, Acquiral is used by support and customer success teams to communicate, generate feedback and complete the customer communications loop. Acquiral will keep you  connected with your customer through their journey with your business. Acquiral will allow you to communicate with customers on the channels they use the most using Acquiral AI to drive response rates and ROI. Support delivered. 

That’s the promise we are providing.  

We’d love for you to be part of this journey and are currently signing up businesses for an invite only beta program. If you would like to be invited to join our journey, please share your details and we’ll be in touch and share news along the way. 

The Acquiral Family